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Máy in tự động kỹ thuật số Bihong

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Máy in tự động kỹ thuật số Bihong

Main technical parameter of Oval printing Machine: - Printing color number: to 6 from 20 colors - Pallet number: to 24 from 66 pcs - Max. screen frame dimension: s 700x100mm, L1 800x1180mm, L2 900x1280mm - Air pressure specification: 0,6MPa/0,8MPa (After drying and filtering can be used) - Production capacity: 600pcs/hr

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The Main Parameter of Digital Printing Machine:


1. Ensure better printing by adopting linear motor.

2. Improve printing effect by perfect solution-combining screen printin and digital and printing system.

3. Multi printing crafts+high resolution digital printing in one machine.

4. Low cost, high effciency.

5. The industrial-grade all - metal printing head (inside and outside are all metal and genuine), longer lifetime.

6. Repairable print head with using lowest cost.

7. Super jet power, if the printing head is slightly than a specified height requirement, the print effect is still perfect.

8. The printing head with internal circulation system can reduce the printing head blockage.


Being suitable for water slurry, oily ink, plastiol ink, mucilage printing craft, ect. As a standard function configuration, flocking is the best weapon of cutting piece, all kinds of garment printing and flocking processing. The machine can be used in garment, t-shirt, bag, sock, hat, fabric, paper, leather, PVC board, sticker and so on.

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